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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress Naturally

Posted Thursday, February 4th, 2016 by

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The side effects of anxiety medications can be pretty scary. There are plenty of natural ways to relieve stress without ingesting any sort of chemical. So breathe, relax and read on for 5 ways to naturally get rid of stress.

  1. Take a deep breath

Breathing exercises are a great way to calm your nerves and reduce stress. One of the great things about using breathing to relieve stress is that you can do it anywhere – standing at your kitchen counter while you make coffee, in the office or lying in bed at night. Breathing can not only reduce stress in 10 minutes or less but has also been shown to lower blood pressure and is great for overall well-being. Next time you start to feel the pressure at work, try this breathing exercise, known as ‘equal-breathing’, to de-stress at the office; breathe in slowly for a count of four, exhale slowly for a count of four and repeat until you’re feeling more balanced.

  1. Practice the art of pressure point therapy

Acupressure is another amazing natural stress reliever that can be done virtually anywhere. Acupressure is when pressure is applied to pressure points – area where nerves are tightly clustered and where it is thought energy is at its highest for a certain part of the body. Different pressure points can be activated to relieve different types of ailments and aches. For stress and anxiety, try applying pressure with your thumb at the point your wrist is at a crease with the hand, or others like these exercises for your ears and feet.

  1. Get out and move

Whether your preferred type of exercise is walking, running, swimming or yoga – exercising is a great way to instantly and naturally relieve stress. Not only does the act of exercising help take your mind off of stress and give it something else to be occupied with, but it also releases endorphin’s, the natural chemical in your brain that when released, makes you happier. Different exercises can help with different types of stress, boxing and hitting a punching bag for angry stress, swimming for confusing, etc. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise because it is not only a form of working out, but helps with breathing and releasing psychical tension as well. Some yoga poses and exercises are specifically designed to reduce stress, like these great stretches and poses from CNN.

  1. Suds up

Taking a warm bath is one of the best (and oldest) ways to relieve stress. The act of slipping into some warm water and relaxing can de-stress well enough, but adding some natural extras can make it even better. Epsom salt is an excellent natural stress reliever you can add to a bath that not only helps ease stress, but eases muscles as well. For a great, natural, DIY stress relief bath, try using a healthy mix of Epsom salt and lavender like in this great recipe from the bath tub diva.

  1. Adjust your sleep schedule

Sometimes when stressed, we tend to over-sleep, sleep during the day or not get enough sleep at all. Sleep is extremely important to keep our minds and bodies at their healthiest and sharpest. Getting too much or too little sleep can have an enormous effect, negatively OR positively on our state of mind and how stressed out we feel. If you aren’t getting any sleep at night due to stress, try repeating all previous steps on the list before bed-time, and repeating the breathing exercise when you go to bed at night. If you’re sleeping too much – try to get out more during the day, being in nature helps, too.

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