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Home Remedies For Insomnia

Posted Saturday, February 14th, 2015 by

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So, you’ve been having some trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep and it’s starting to affect your health and well-being. Well, you’re not alone. Pharmaceutical companies have taken note of the significant uptick in people experiencing insomnia and in response have provided a wide variety of medications. While these medicines can be somewhat effective, they do not address the root issue that is causing the insomnia. Aside from that fact, one of the biggest issues with these medications is the laundry list of side effects that they can cause—many of which are highly undesirable.

Statistics have shown that millions of Americans suffer with insomnia every night. Not getting enough sleep is a serious issue that will affect a person’s quality of life. At Above & Beyond Acupuncture we treat insomnia while focusing on the core issue(s) that cause this ailment. Instead of having patients primarily rely on taking prescription sleep medications, we provide natural solutions, including a variety of home remedies. If you are dealing with severe and chronic insomnia, we suggest you seek medical care, whether that is from a Western or Eastern medical professional.

What are some home remedies for insomnia?

The first home remedy we share is one of the most important and should be followed regardless of what type of insomnia you are experiencing. When trying to resolve sleep issues, it’s imperative that all electronics are turned off and put away at least one hour before your desired sleep time. The stimulation caused by interacting with electronics interferes with our natural sleep rhythm, as the light from the digital display interferes with the body’s sleep cycle. Many people find it challenging to set their electronics aside, but then wonder why they have insomnia. It’s recommended that you give this remedy at least seven days, as it can take the body some time to readjust; but we assure you, this will have a positive impact on your sleep.

If you’ve been experiencing racing thoughts when trying to get to sleep, there is a simple home remedy that can help. Get a pot that is big enough to soak both your feet in up to your ankles. Fill the pot with hot (not lukewarm) water—and keep your feet soaking for 30 minutes. If the water cools off, add more hot water. This is an old Chinese remedy for insomnia that works by pulling energy down from your head towards your feet. It is this energy that stirs the mind and spirit, causing the racing thoughts. By anchoring the energy down, it will allow for a more restful sleep and a quiet mind. When making use of this method, it is advisable to do it every evening for three weeks at least one hour before bed.

Tart cherry juice has become a popular natural home remedy for alleviating insomnia. Studies have shown that consuming this juice can help improve not only the quality of sleep, but duration as well. Researchers from Louisiana State University found that consuming tart cherry juice two times a day for two weeks helped increase sleep time by more than 90 minutes among adults who reported experiencing insomnia [Link]. The researchers also found that adults who consumed tart cherry juice in the morning and in the evening were able to sleep more than an hour longer each night (averaging 84 minutes) compared to the placebo, and their sleep tended to be more efficient. These results show promise for people who suffer from insomnia and are looking for a natural alternative to prescription sleep aids.

Meditation is a great tool that can be used to help alleviate insomnia and aid in more restful sleep. Calming your mind as well as your body is something for which meditation has been shown to be extremely effective—especially when preparing for sleep. Guided meditations for sleep are extremely helpful and easy to use. Many can be found for free on YouTube. We suggest that you try a few to find the one that works best. In a previous blog post titled “The Many Benefits Of Meditation,” we discuss in detail what meditation is and how to use it.

Suffering with insomnia is an issue many people face on a regular basis. We hope these home remedies prove useful to those looking for natural methods to improve their sleep.