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How to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

Posted Sunday, November 29th, 2015 by

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The holiday season should be filled with joy and relaxation, especially with time off from work. However, it can also be a stressful time of year. According to Web MD, the average American spends 42 hours a year on holiday related activities. This includes planning travel, traveling, shopping for gifts and dealing with crowds. There are a lot of stressors during the holiday season which also includes handling all the food that comes with the holiday season. That stress alone is enough to make anyone dizzy. However, there are some great ways to relieve your stress during the holiday season.

Put Stress in Perspective

It is easy to get stressed during the holidays because they can be a reflective time. People with low stress tolerance may start to worry about the past or present, which can make the holidays even more stressful. Focus on the present moment and keep things in perspective. Stress, like everything else in life, shall pass.

Plan in Advance

There is a saying about putting big rocks in a jar first when filling it up with rocks. This is because if you put the small rocks in first, you leave no room for the big rocks. The holidays follow this metaphor.  Plan ahead and put your big rocks, or wants, in your plan first. Look at it as what you want to look back on and remember fondly. This will help you decide what is important to you, and put those big rocks first. The rest will fall into place.

Let Others Help

You do not have to do it alone. By involving others to include your kids, significant others and family members, you can get more done and have everyone on the same page about what the plans are. This will take a lot of pressure of off of you and give you some room to breathe and enjoy things.

Mitigate Family Fights

According to Prevention, one of the top reasons for holiday stress is visiting relatives. This is because there can be tensions and differences that can lead to arguments. However, you can agree to disagree with those whom you might have tension with. Decide together to put aside your differences and come back to any issues after the holidays so everyone can enjoy the time together.

Make Time for You and Exercise

You have heard it over and over again, the best cure for stress is exercise. Make time to do something physical to help lift your spirits and relax. Whether it is a brisk walk or a full-blown exercise session, make time for it. Plus, make time for yourself, however you define this, it is important to have time to decompress and process everything that is going on. Otherwise, you will wind up with holiday burn-out, which is not the end goal of the holidays.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural and holistic medicine that can treat holiday stress as it has the ability to help the body enter into a state of deep relaxation.  Instead of drinking alcohol or indulging in holiday treats go for an acupuncture treatment, it will help soothe your body, mind and spirit!