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Learning To Detach From Outcomes

Posted Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 by

Learning To Detach From Outcomes

At Above & Beyond Acupuncture we help patients identify behavioral patterns that can inadvertently cause unnecessary and undesirable results. Expectations—and the emotions they elicit—are a common topic of discussion. It is something we help to address and correct as it can be a source of conflict in interpersonal relationships. Having high expectations can cause high levels of disappointment when one person expects another to respond in a certain way to his or her actions.

What does it mean to detach from outcomes?

Detaching from outcomes means that when you do something for someone else, it is done without any expectation of reward. The act is done solely for the sake of doing it fully and completely.

Many people rarely perform tasks without the motivation that there will be something received from their efforts. When people become overly focused on what to expect from a given activity, they lose the ability to be present. The desired outcome becomes the sole focus of their actions.

Why would I want to detach from outcomes?

By detaching from outcomes in your life, you begin to shift your focus away from the future. You become more present, aware and conscious. One of the biggest problems with being attached to outcomes is that your attention is in the future—where anything is possible. In a previous blog titled “The Power Of Being Present,” we discussed how important it is to be present, and provided some helpful tools to achieve it. If you find yourself thinking about the past or focused on the future, we suggest you take the time to read that article.

Why does it feel so difficult to detach from outcomes?

Living in a capitalist society, people have become ingrained with a reward-based perspective. It starts in school by being rewarded with good grades and continues into a career where a person gets paid to perform well in his chosen career. While it is understandable that many of the actions people take are to obtain something in return, always being attached to specific outcomes can cause conflict and disharmony.

Instead of always looking at the anticipated outcome and using that as the basis for your actions, you should begin to shift your focus to what it is you’re doing in the moment. Being fully engrossed in the present—and accomplishing your objectives to the very best of your abilities—will free you from living a life that is always focused on future outcomes that might never materialize.

If you find that most—if not all—of the things you do in life are geared toward future expectations and rewards, we strongly encourage you to consider changing your perspective and behavior. By learning how to detach from the outcomes, you will free yourself of self-imposed constraints, limitations and conflicts, allowing you to be a more present and fruitful human being.