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Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Want!

Posted Saturday, July 25th, 2015 by

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What are you focusing on right now? Are you focused on something you want, or are you focused on things you don’t want? Are you aware that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on?

At Above & Beyond Acupuncture we work with patients who are interested in learning tools and methods to improve their lives. One of the more popular suggestions we provide is to shift attention away from what is not wanted toward things that are desirable. Many times people look at certain things that they don’t want—with the intention of obtaining the opposite. While this train of thought may be understandable, it can have unintended and undesirable results. If you’re looking to shift your reality, you must shift what you are focusing on.

What have you been paying attention to?

It is important to be cognizant of what, or whom, you are paying attention to, as that is where your energy will be directed. When a person, place or thing becomes the focal point of your reality, you will either pull it toward you, or you will be drawn to it. This can happen consciously or subconsciously, which is why it’s vital to be aware of what you’re paying attention to.

Many people view the world in relative terms, meaning that they will find something they don’t like and want the opposite of it. This type of behavior can potentially create undesirable results. By focusing on what you don’t want, you can inadvertently manifest it. There is an old saying that helps to explain why this takes place: “energy flows where attention goes.” Where you place your attention is where your energy will go—whether it’s toward something you want or something you don’t want. Since attention is the guide for your energy, it is important to direct your attention toward people, places and things that are positive and make you happy.

How can I stop focusing on what I don’t want?

This might seem like a simple and trivial question to some, but many people are either unaware of what they are focusing on or are unsure of how to change it. The first step toward shifting your focus is to become conscious of what you’re paying attention to at all times. Being conscious of your thoughts is extremely important for many reasons. In this instance it is a priority as you need to know where your attention is being placed. Once you are able to identify what it is that you’re focused on, you then have the opportunity to change it.

Being present is the easiest method to becoming aware of what you’re focusing on. There is great power in the present moment, as it provides the opportunity to shed memories of the past and thoughts about the future. By negating those states of mind, your full attention will be placed in the present. You will see what it is you’re thinking about, thereby enabling you to change it. In a previous blog post titled “The Power Of Being Present,” we discussed what it means and provided some methods to help you achieve it. If you find yourself thinking too much about the past and/or the future and would like to shift your thoughts to the present, we suggest you read through that article.

The intention of this blog is to introduce an important topic that has the potential to create great change and promote personal growth and development. By learning to stop focusing on what you don’t want—and shifting your focus toward what you do want—your life circumstance can improve rapidly.

Now is the time to stop focusing on what you don’t want!