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Being Alone in Phoenix: Best Meditation Spots

Posted Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 by

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Meditation has many benefits.  From lowering blood pressure to reducing stress and anxiety, no one will argue that it is bad for you. It is a practice that not only helps create balance in your day, but also it helps train the body to react to stressful situations through breath. This powerful tool for a healthier you does not require anything more than time and a nice quiet spot. With all the natural beauty in the Phoenix metro area, there are plenty of options to get away from it all and improve your mind and body through meditation. 

Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden’s mission is, “To provide a place of beauty and tranquility as an escape from the everyday pressures of life, for meditation and relaxation and to enrich and restore the body, mind and spirit.” With this in mind, the Garden has a stunning array of zen like features, from waterfalls to stone archways. This garden is a sight that needs to be seen to get the full experience of its beauty and richness. There are tours, exhibits, and events that allow you to learn more about the rich history of Japanese culture to greater appreciate where you are meditating.

The Bradshaw Mountain Range

Thought to be the richest gold-filled mountains in the U.S, this mountain range is worth its weight in gold for meditation. This unique mountain range is known for its scenic beauty, hiking trails, back roads, ghost towns and western stories. Get back in touch with nature, and experience the wildlife in it’s natural habitat. The last of the Apache Indian wars were fought here too. But beyond anything else, the stunning vistas and peace and quiet found here make it a remarkable place to get a way and find peace within yourself through meditation.

Botanical Gardens

These gardens have five main trails. Each trail will take you through different types of vegetation, from trees and plants to flowers and dessert scenes, the gardens allows you may spots to choose from to meditate. The garden features events and tours, and the price of admission is well worth the cost of finding the peace and serenity you will find here.

North Mountain

North Mountain is not only rich with history, but it is also rich with views. From the various trails, you can see valleys and mountains or the skyline of Phoenix. While walking to find a nice quiet spot to meditate, you can learn some of the history and facts about this location in the visitor’s center. There are also programs, lectures and events. While looking for a view to meditate from, this location offers a wide variety of options well worth the time investment to find that spot that nails it for you.

Meditation does not have to be limited to the outside, however. There are days when it is too hot to meditate outside comfortably. Alternatives include the Phoenix Museum of Art, a local place of worship, or a local studio. Whatever your needs to find a place of solace for meditation, Phoenix has plenty to offer inside and out.