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Acupuncture As Preventative Health Care

Posted Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 by

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Many people think of acupuncture as a treatment that is designed to help people deal with acute or chronic pain. While acupuncture can be beneficial with addressing ongoing symptoms, the nature of the treatment can also work as preventative medicine. While many people continue to receive acupuncture after they experience an injury to feel their best, they may not know that acupuncture can be effectively helping their bodies function at their absolute best. While acupuncture treatments are widely seen as a helpful tool for addressing ailments and undesirable symptoms it is ultimately the body, mind and spirit that benefits greatly from regular treatments that can prevent illness, pain and future injury.

Acupuncture can leave you feeling your best:

Some people go to a licensed acupuncture professional even if they have no significant pain or ailments to worry about. Most people go to an acupuncturist when they begin to feel their symptoms worsen or when they have a chronic condition where no other treatment has worked. Acupuncture treatment can help to strengthen the immune system and leave patients feeling happier and healthier as a result.

The Traditional Chinese Medical version of acupuncture would use it as a body maintenance tool or a tune up to help us feel our best. Through studies in Japan this type of preventative acupuncture was shown to stave off conditions like the common cold, nausea and more. With these types of findings, we can begin to understand just how powerful ongoing acupuncture treatments can be for maintaining bodily systems and feeling our absolute best.

Can acupuncture one day be a widely used preventative medicine?

Over the past 20 years in North America, more and more people have begun to use acupuncture as a means to treat their symptoms and as a trusted form of holistic medicine. In holistic medical procedures like acupuncture the average person can step outside of the traditional idea of medicine that simply addresses symptoms and turn to an idea of overall body wellness. This is exactly what acupuncture strives for. By balancing the bodily systems with acupuncture it is possible to feel better every day, regardless of the symptoms you may be experiencing or not.

Regular acupuncture treatments can help you to feel happier, improve digestion, strengthen your immune system and more. This means that even if you have never been sick or experienced pain, it could be acupuncture that is keeping  you feeling your absolute best.

Acupuncture is low risk:

One of the best aspects of acupuncture is that you have virtually nothing to lose and everything to gain. Some health care plans will cover the cost of care, there are most likely skilled acupuncturists in your area and the side effects of this treatment are slim to none. Compared with medication for pain or for improving immune system function the adverse effects from acupuncture are extremely low. This means that you can experience positive results without putting yourself at risk of harmful chemical side effects from over-the-counter and prescription medication(s). Regular acupuncture treatments can be inexpensive, convenient and very low risk with some significant results that you would not normally find from Western medicine. Because of the low risk factor and the convenience of treatment acupuncture makes for excellent preventative medicine.

Preventing disease before it starts:

Acupuncture can work at preventing various health conditions and diseases before they happen. While many types of standard medical care involve the use of treating symptoms long after a condition or a disease has been diagnosed, acupuncture can balance the body and strengthen the immune system to prevent medical conditions and disease from even starting.

Imbalances in the body can be outlined by a skilled licensed acupuncturist and then resolved before the symptoms continue to worsen. By addressing early symptoms like mood changes, sleep disturbances, digestion trouble, headaches and more this can work at preventing more serious medical conditions that can come at a result of some of these early warning signs. Putting the body in balance through a customized treatment program can change a person’s lifestyle and make them into their strongest self.

Through the emotional changes that can come as a result of acupunctured it can be especially effective with treating mental illness as well as preventing mental illness conditions. Regular treatment with acupuncture is much safer than pharmaceutical methods as well.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to get acupuncture care as a method for preventative health care. Contact your local acupuncturist today and start feeling your best while preventing sickness and disease.

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