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6 Things Everyone Should Know About Acupuncture

Posted Friday, February 19th, 2016 by

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If you are going for your first acupuncture treatment it is  important that you are presented with some important information that everyone should know before their introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here are the top 6 facts that will help you prepare for your first acupuncture session:

  1. Acupuncture does not hurt: When we think of needles our first thought turns immediately to vaccination needles or syringes. If you have never been in for acupuncture before you may not realize just how thin an average acupuncture needle may be. They don’t even look the same as any needles that you would’ve had for an injection or for drawing blood. Most acupuncture needles come in a variety of different gauges (thickness) and lengths. The thinnest of acupuncture needles can be as fine as a human hair and they will bend when you touch them. The only real sensation that you will feel with an acupuncture needle is a dull ache when the needle is inserted. The feeling isn’t one of pain and most people don’t notice it after they receive acupuncture a few times. According to Adam Chen, the associate director of acupuncture at the Mount Sinai rehab and well-being center in Toronto; A properly trained and licensed acupuncturist can place a needle so gently that the pain would be no worse than a typical mosquito bite.
  2. A single session isn’t a cure: Many people think that a single acupuncture appointment will provide effective resolution for their ailment(s). This is not the case. One acupuncture treatment will build into the next and it takes a prescribed dose of treatments for you start experiencing results. The estimated number of treatments required for acupuncture to be effective can vary from patient to patient. If you haven’t experienced a difference after 10 appointments it may be a good idea to try a different licensed acupuncturist.
  3. Acupuncture is for more than pain: Most people associate acupuncture as a treatment to combat shoulder pain, headaches, back pain and neck pain. According to the World Health Organization acupuncture can treat a variety of different conditions that range from stroke to peptic ulcers and chronic gastritis.
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive: According to 2014 healthcare laws residence of many states have acupuncture covered as part of their essential health benefits. Even with this covered there are many community clinics that charge substantially less for acupuncture. While the average private acupuncture treatments can cost between $60-$200 a community clinic will charge between $15-$45 per treatment. This means that you don’t have to think about a cost justification for your acupuncture treatment if you decide that community style is for you. People of all budgetary backgrounds and financial means can afford this treatment and in many cases it might even be covered under your existing health plan.
  5. Clinical trials have shown it has benefits: There are still many people that think that acupuncture has a placebo effect or that it is more of a religious/spiritual experience than something that can provide actual health benefits. Medical and clinical trials have showcased the benefits of acupuncture. These are the same trials that are utilized to help with drug trials, surgical trials and more. There is both anecdotal and clinical evidence that showcase acupuncture’s effectiveness and thanks to these studies we can see that this treatment can have verifiable benefits. Acupuncture is by no means a placebo effect and there is scientific proof to back that up.
  6. It can help you to heal and feel like a stronger person: One of the most powerful aspects of acupuncture is that it helps your body heal itself. It can be difficult to embrace the idea of acupuncture at first but when you start to feel the effects you will begin to realize that it is making you a stronger and healthier person. Most of us tend to think about our bodies in terms of chemicals and various systems but acupuncture takes mainstream medicine and changes the rules entirely with its holistic approach. By balancing your energy (or Qi) acupuncture can make you feel stronger physically and emotionally. Not only can you overcome various ailments and symptoms with the help of acupuncture but you can feel better than you have ever felt before. Acupuncture can provide health benefits for nearly everyone regardless of age, gender or health.

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