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Self-Care for Introverts: Tips to Care for the Mind and Body

Posted Thursday, June 16th, 2022 by

There’s so much to love about being an introvert: We tend to have creative minds; be compassionate listeners; and make wonderful friends, partners, and leaders. We enjoy alone time, think before we speak, and prefer to have a few high-quality friendships over a larger quantity of friends.

But with these advantages come several drawbacks: Introverts are more prone to social exhaustion and burnout. Without time to recharge the mind and body, introverts can become irritable, depressed, socially anxious, and physically exhausted. This is why introverts need to practice self-care each and every day, even if there’s only time for a quick nap or 30 minutes of watching television. Simply put, self-care is essential when navigating life as an introvert.

Check out these introvert-friendly tips from Above & Beyond Acupuncture to learn how to practice self-care for a healthier mind and body.

Start With a Clean, Clutter-Free Living Space

Since introverts require lots of alone time to recharge the mind and body, they tend to spend more time at home than their extroverted counterparts. However, surrounding oneself with clutter at home can be just as overstimulating for introverts as spending time with other people.

This is why introverts should keep their homes as clean and clutter-free as possible, as doing so helps to promote a more positive and relaxed living space. Staying home to clean and declutter is a great excuse for declining invitations from others, and it can even help to reduce anxiety, increase focus, and relieve stress.

Relax With Alternative Medicine

Making time for alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and cupping can be another great way to practice self-care as an introvert. Each of these three therapies reduces stress and anxiety, alleviates pain and inflammation, and balances the mind and body — helping introverts to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Above & Beyond Acupuncture offers a variety of alternative therapies, from acupuncture and herbal medicine to cupping, massage therapy, and nutritional guidance.

Adopt a Daily Fitness Routine

Physical activity is important no matter who you are, but introverts can use exercise to unwind after a busy day, clear their minds of stress and negative thoughts, and work a bit more “me time” into their everyday lives. And while going to the gym, working out with a friend, or taking a group fitness class can be uncomfortable for introverts, there are some other things introverted people can do when adopting a daily fitness routine:

● Working physical activity into the workday. Even if you have a busy career and don’t have time for a formal workout each day, you could walk over lunch or take the stairs at work rather than the elevator.
● Work out at home. Group classes are an option, but many introverts prefer solo workouts like walking, biking, running, or swimming. At-home workouts are another great option, including yoga and Pilates.
● Don’t forget about mental fitness. Many introverts can also benefit from meditation, as meditating helps to reduce stress and anxiety, boost focus, and build resilience. So in addition to exercising for improved physical health, you could use meditation apps like Breethe, Headspace, and Calm to work out your brain.

Self-Care is Vital to Every Introvert’s Health and Happiness

While there are many ways to practice self-care as an introvert, the important thing is that you’re making time for yourself. Give yourself some time each day to be alone with your thoughts or to shut off your busy mind for an hour or two, whether that means watching a movie, working out at home, scheduling a massage or an acupuncture treatment, or cleaning and decluttering your home. There isn’t a single self-care activity that works for everyone, but most introverts can benefit from the ideas suggested above.

Remember, self-care is vital to your health and happiness as an introvert. Without enough “me time” to relax and recharge, you can’t be the best version of yourself — and you won’t be the friend, partner, son, daughter, or employee you’d like to be. When you make self-care a priority, everyone benefits — yourself and your loved ones included.

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