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Keep Moving Forward!

Posted Friday, July 10th, 2015 by

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Have you been feeling stuck in your life? Do you tend to procrastinate? Are you feeling lost? Are you looking for someone or something to help lead you into a better direction?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, there’s only one thing you need to do: you must keep moving forward. This might seem like a simple response to a challenging situation, but it is the one action that can help to shift you out of a negative state and onto a better path.

At Above & Beyond Acupuncture, we frequently remind patients about the importance of moving forward, regardless of what is transpiring in their lives. This is not meant to detract from the significance of the situation at hand; instead, it is a reminder that there is only one way to move, and that is forward. It is important to note that moving forward does not, and should not, detract from an awareness of the present moment. Being present is extremely important and will help to keep a person focused, balanced and centered. More so, moving forward in spite of distractions can act as a complement to being present, as it will allow a person to forge ahead gracefully.

Why is it so important to keep moving forward?

It might seem trite or simplistic to address the importance of moving forward, but there is value in having an understanding of how essential it is. When life is challenging, there can be a lot of duress experienced by the people involved, potentially causing stress, conflict and grief. If there isn’t a clear motivation and desire to move forward, then those issues will constantly repeat. This is an undesirable position to be in, yet there are some people who find themselves stuck in the same situations without the ability to move on.

How can I move forward?

After understanding the importance of moving forward, many people inquire about exactly how this can be accomplished, pragmatically speaking. We wanted to provide some basic suggestions that can provide some helpful guidance.

One of the best methods to help move forward is to hone your awareness towards becoming a more conscious human being. When a person is conscious, he is fully aware of the situation(s) he is involved in, and he understands his role in what is happening. Instead of absolving himself and placing blame on others, a conscious person is able to take responsibility and make the necessary changes, regardless of how challenging this might be. In a previous blog post titled “Becoming A More Conscious Human Being”, we went into detail as to what it means to be conscious and how difficult that can be at times. This is an important subject, so we suggest you take some time to read through that article, as well.

Another great method that can help people move forward is the creation or nurturing of a desire. This might appear to be obvious, but until there is a sufficient amount of desire to change a situation, few things will ever get accomplished. Desire is the fuel needed to persevere through whatever challenges exist and to move forward to a better and more fulfilling path. In a previous blog post titled “What Do You Desire?” we delve into this very topic and present this important question that everyone should be asking himself.

We hope you have found this article to be insightful and will make use of it when you’re feeling stuck. Remember to be a conscious human being; find the desire to change and keep moving forward!

If you feel like you would benefit from some assistance in this regard, please be aware that we also offer Lifestyle Coaching at Above & Beyond Acupuncture. If you are in the Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe or Phoenix areas, give us a call or use the online scheduler to book your appointment.